How to create Sales Order?

How to create Sales Order?

To guide you on our Sales Order Flow, kindly check below.


Now, you are ready to create a Sales Order or Shipment Order.

1. After logging in, select Sales Order on the side panel.

2. Next, click Orders. And from here you will see all the Order details like the Status, Order #, and Customer.

3. Select New Order.

5. Correctly fill in required field22A17ACF-6793-4309-85EA-5298B9E7FE42_4_5005_c.jpeg under Product Details. If necessary, click Add Another Item to add more items.

6. When you scroll down, you could see the Sales Order computation.

7. To guide you on which button to click, read carefully the description for each button.

a. Click Mark as Paid if payment is already received from the customer; and

b. Click Mark as Pending if payment is still to be done by the customer.

7.a.1.  You will be directed to Order InfoYou can also Add Attachment if necessary.

7.a.2. You can also view Packing list or Invoice by clicking the assigned buttons.

Sample of Packing List View

On the Packing List, you can already Print it. See the boxed icon.

 You can always go back to Order Info by clicking the arrow icon.

Sample of Invoice View

8. Go back to Orders page by clicking Back To List.

Then, notice the  the system will prompt what is lacking so the order will proceed.

These are the sample reasons why some orders are put in On Hold status.

 9. To approve Draft status, tick the box in the first column.

Notice these buttons:

11. Select Batch Approve.


12. A pop-up message will appear to confirm your action. Then, click Proceed.

13.  A notification will appear on the side of the screen.

14. Notice that the Draft status is changed to Approve.

Please remember that when an entry has been approved it only means that you can start creating your Shipment Order.

To know how to create Shipment Order, click this link.

 Need to cancel created order? Click How to cancel order?

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