How to create a product?

How to create a product?

To guide you on Creating Product Flow, kindly check below.

1. Upon logging in, click Inventory on the side panel.

2. Next, select Products.


3.  Click add new product.

 4. You will be directed to the New Item page. Fill in required fields22A17ACF-6793-4309-85EA-5298B9E7FE42_4_5005_c.jpeg under General Details and Product Details.

 6. As you scroll down, you must fill in SKU additional information. Then click Save.

8. A pop-up message will appear to confirm successful product creation.

9.  On that page, you will have a view of the  Product Info where you could Edit or Delete.

10. On the Products page, you should be able to see all your created products. In this list you could Edit or Delete an entry.

Have a long list of products? You could create it in batch. Click How to import product information? This user guide will assist you in creating products in bulk.

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