How to import product information?

How to import product information?

If you have a long list of products, this article can help create products in batch or in bulk through importing product information.

1. Upon logging in, click Inventory on the side panel.

2. Next, select Products. Then click Import Products.

 3. You will now get directed to Mapping for Import. Select Download Sample File if you don't have the template yet. If you already have the template and completed the details needed, click Browse.

4. Fill in all the needed information in the downloaded file. After completing the file, save it and name it correctly.

5.  Then, upload the file by selecting Browse then select a file from your device.

6. After uploading you will get directed on Mapping DataThis where you Map your column headings and after mapping click Save.

 7. We're now on the last step, Confirming Data. On this page you will see all the details of the product. This will also show you if there's error on the data you uploaded so you could still edit the product details.

8. You will now see a Congratulation message that you have successfully uploaded the file. 

9. Click Back to List and you should be able to see on the Products page all newly imported product information.

Congratulations! You successfully did it. Happy shipping!

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