What is the best shipping service?

What is the best shipping service?

The best shipping service option depends on the following criteria.


1. Speed. If the top priority of your store is speed of delivery, then your options are the Express Services e.g. UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL etc. Along with the speed, this is the most expensive in terms of shipping cost. The shipments are always trackable and updated. This is also the fastest in terms of delivery days.


2. Cost. If the primary concern is cost, then your customers prefer the cheapest shipping cost. The option is Postal Services e.g. Hong Kong Post, Netherlands Post, Swiss Post (Asendia) etc. Along with the cheapest shipping cost, this have the longest delivery days. The shipments has 4% to 5% error or chances of loss, untraceable shipments, and updates are rare or not updated at all until the parcel is delivered.


3. Cost and Speed. This is the reason why ZhenHub created its own shipping service. The ZhenHub Direct Lines is as fast as the express services but not as expensive. Thus, this is hybrid shipping service. This is cheaper than an express service and almost as fast as the express service.

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