What is a SKU?

What is a SKU?

aving difficulty creating an SKU?


SKU means Stock Keeping Units. Primarily, SKU is used to track your inventory, storage, and sales. This alphanumeric code is a sort of product identity for your store and warehouse.  Moreover, SKUs assigned to physical products as well as intangible products that are billable, such as units of repair time or warranties.

Notable best practices in creating SKU, read through below.

  • Keep the codes around 8-12 characters
  • Use a combination of letters and numbers
  • Start codes with a letter for better readability
  • Avoid using manufacturer's SKU


How is SKU different from Barcodes (UPC, ISBN, etc.)?

Mainly, barcodes are series of unique characters that is issued by a standard organization. Also, these barcodes are used globally.

For Example:

  • UPC (Universal Product Code) is a 12-digit code that serves as retail product identity. Do you notice that barcode scan by cashiers/clerk in a grocery store? That is an example of UPC.
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a numeric commercial book identifier. If you see those codes at the back of a book, that is the ISBN.

Thus, SKU is different from a barcode.

In using the ZhenHub system, you must set your SKU through your store e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

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