Inside Delivery Fee

Inside Delivery Fee

Inside delivery is a convenient service that many shippers offer. If a loading dock is not available at your delivery site, for an additional fee, you can request inside delivery on most freight shipments. This means, the driver will carry your shipment through the threshold of the delivery location.

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    • Delivery Labor Fee

      A trucker may charge a delivery labor fee if they have to help unload cargo at the warehouse (or other destination).
    • Residential Delivery Fee

      A “residential fee” denotes that the carrier has delivered to a residential area.
    • Drop Fee

      A drop fee (AKA drop off fee or bobtail fee) happens when the delivery trucker is required, due to time constraints, to drop off an FCL container at the warehouse to be unloaded, and pick it up after the unloading is complete.
    • Stop Off Fee

      A Stop-Off Fee is charged by a trucking company if a single delivery load is split between two locations and the driver must make an additional stop.
    • Delivery Order

      A delivery order (abbreviated D/O) is a document from a consignee, or an owner or his agent of freight carrier which orders the release of the transportation of cargo to another party.