How to recharge wallet ?

How to recharge wallet ?

Here's how you can recharge your wallet.


1. On your ZhenHub Dashboard, choose Billing.

2. Select Recharge.

3. You will be directed to Recharge page.

Enter Recharge AmountAn automatic computation of transaction fee will be seen. This vary depending on the Recharge amount and selected currency.

4. Choose an Account to recharge if you have several Accounts. You may enter a Remark. 

5. Choose your Payment Method

6. If you will recharge through your Credit Card. You may select from previous recorded card or Add Credit Card if first time to recharge and fill out all the necessary details needed.

      6.1fter filling out the necessary details you tick the box to save the card for future purchase. And then click Save. Upon clicking Submit, a pop-up message will appear to  notify you that the transaction is successful.

7.A.4. Then you will be quickly directed to Transactions page. Here all your transactions are recorded from the most recent.

7.B. If you will recharge through PayPal, you have to link your PayPal account. Click Submit to Add PayPal Account. Then you will be directed to PayPal page.


Congratulations! You have successfully recharge your wallet.