How to generate Shipping Labels with Several Cartons?

How to generate Shipping Labels with Several Cartons?

ZhenHub Shipping Label Module can now generate several shipping labels for deliveries with several number of cartons. Here's how:

1. At the side panel, select Shipping Labels. Then from the dropdown, choose Generate Labels.


2. Click New Label icon.


3. You will be directed to New Generate Label page.


4. Select the approved Shipping Service for you.


5. Choose the apt Incoterm.


Always remember:

  • Delivered At Place (DAP) : The Buyer is responsible for the customs clearance, duties, and taxes.
  • Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) : The Seller is responsible for the customs clearance, duties, and taxes.

6. Fill in Customer Information.


7. Next, click Save and Continue.


8. You will be directed to the next phase, What Will Be Sent?. Select the measuring unit and currency.


9. If your account has integration to an ecommerce platform, select the SKU.


     If none, type in the Product Name, Quantity, Weight, and Price.


Click Add Another Item for more SKU to include in the order.


10. Then click Save and Continue.


11.  You will be directed to the last phase, How Do You Want to Ship?.


Provide the number of cartons.

Both Total Price and Total Weight are computed by the system.


If you made any changes in the product, product weight, product price, the system will give you a summary of changes. Then, require you to confirm the changes. See sample pop-up box below.




12. After clicking Yes, in the confirmation box above. You may now submit by selecting Save and Continue.


13. Initially your newly generated label will be in Draft status. A system notification will also pop-up to notify you that the transaction has been successfully created.


14. Click Back to List. So, you can approve the generated label.


15. You will be directed to the Generate Label page. Tick the box of the newly generated label.


16. The hidden menu will appear.


17. Select Batch Approved.


18. A pop-up box will appear. Choose the desired label setting.



19. Upon selecting a label setting, transaction fee will be visible for you. Then click Proceed.


20. The system will notify you that it was a successful approval. Notice also that the newly generated label is now in Approved status.


21. Refresh the page. Then notice that from the Approved status, the newly generated label is now Printable.


22. Move the slider sideward, at the last column click the download icon to print the label.


23. You will be directed to the printing page. Notice the following:

  • There are three (3) shipping labels. Since this will be attached to three (3) different cartons.
  • Each shipping label has the carton number and unique tracking number.
  • The shipping label Order number is still the same to all three (3) shipping labels.


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