How to do product kitting for SKUs that are not yet inbounded?

How to do product kitting for SKUs that are not yet inbounded?

Create product kitting is easy but you have to remember that we can not kit/bundle existing inbounded SKUs, so this product bundling/ kitting process only applies to product with SKUs that are NOT yet inbounded. To create a Virtual SKU to bundle or kit existing inbounded SKUs, click How to create Virtual SKU to do product bundle / kitting?


1. Click Inventory.


2. Select Products.


3. You will be directed to Products page.


4. Select New Product.


5. You will be directed to Product Items page.


6. Among the choices, select Items. Choose Composite Items and click Enable Now.



7. You will be directed to Variants page.


8. At the last column, click Convert to Kitting icon.


9. A pop-up will appear. Complete the entries. Here you can now select existing inbounded SKU to be kitted or bundled.


10. Click Add Another Item to add more products in the kit.


Note that you have to tick Minimum Inventory. Then decide the minimum inventory number of the kits.


11. You may Delete an item if needed.


12. Then, click Save once the bundling is done.


13. A pop-up message will appear to confirm successful product kitting and set up of minim inventory.


14. Notice this icon. This icon Screen_Shot_2020-06-25_at_7.38.53_PM.png is the Virtual SKU where the other inbounded SKUs are kitted or bundled.


Here is the kitted/ bundled item.


15. Notice the changes on the available buttons for products that are bundled.


You did create a product kit. Read the subsequent article on how to edit kitting inventory.

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