How to connect my WooCommerce?

How to connect my WooCommerce?

Connect your WooCommerce to ZhenHub. Follow the steps below.


1. From your Dashboard, click Setting.


2. From the drop down, click Integrations.


3. You will be directed to Integrations page. You should see listings of online stores that you possibly use.


4. Choose WooCommerce. Then click Connect.


5. A pop-up message will appear. Then enter your WooCommerce Store address.



6. You need to log in to your WooCommerce Account.


7. Approve Zhenhub to connect with your WooCommerce.



8. A confirmation page will appear.



9.  Click Integration.


10. You will be directed back to the Integrations page. Select Setting.


 11.  You would see your Account Information.


 12. Each module can be manually sync.


 Or click Sync All. Keep in mind that when you made some changes you can sync manually or wait for the auto-update every 8 hours.


 13. A pop-up message with appear to confirm that the action is successful but you have to give the two systems enough time to completely sync.



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