A drop is a type of trucking delivery for FCL shipments where the trucker leaves after dropping off the container at the warehouse. 

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    • Drop Fee

      A drop fee (AKA drop off fee or bobtail fee) happens when the delivery trucker is required, due to time constraints, to drop off an FCL container at the warehouse to be unloaded, and pick it up after the unloading is complete.
    • Drop and Pick

      A delivery option - a drop is when a truck driver drops off the container at the warehouse and then leaves (instead of waiting while it’s unloaded, as in a live unload). After the container has been unloaded, the driver returns to pick up the empty ...
    • Trucking Wait Fee

      A Trucking Wait Fee is charged by trucking companies for the time a driver spends waiting to pick up or drop off a shipment when it exceeds the normally allotted wait time.
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