Bobtail Fee

Bobtail Fee

Bobtail fees apply to drayage shipments. When a truck offloads a full container load at a warehouse but leaves empty, the shipper will accrue a fee which is typically around half of the cost of the shipment.
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    • Drop Fee

      A drop fee (AKA drop off fee or bobtail fee) happens when the delivery trucker is required, due to time constraints, to drop off an FCL container at the warehouse to be unloaded, and pick it up after the unloading is complete.
    • Liftgate Fee

      A liftgate fee is required by a trucker if a liftgate has to be provided.
    • Stop Off Fee

      A Stop-Off Fee is charged by a trucking company if a single delivery load is split between two locations and the driver must make an additional stop.
    • Trucking Wait Fee

      A Trucking Wait Fee is charged by trucking companies for the time a driver spends waiting to pick up or drop off a shipment when it exceeds the normally allotted wait time.
    • Disbursement Service Fee

      A disbursement fee is charged for clients who do not pay their duties directly to Customs.